Patio End Table

Patio End Table

fffTwo year commercial grade warranty

    Made of recycled plastic and stainless steel

    Maintenance free; no painting, staining, or waterproofing

    Withstands the natural elements; won’t crack, fade, chip, or peel

    Easy to clean with no chemicals

    Designed for optimal relaxation

    Made in the United States

 Sample - Red Sample - Green Sample - Burgundy Sample - Black Sample - Beige Sample - Brown Sample - White

Any color or color combination available

Patio End Table Description

The SwingScapes Patio End Table is built to the same grade and quality as you would find in all of our other products. It is handmade in the United States from recycled material. A perfect addition to your lawn furniture set! It comes in all the same great colors as the rest of our products so you can match, or use it as a nice accent piece for your collection.


Height – 14″

Width – 20″

Length – 29 1/2″

Weight – 28 lbs