SwingScapes Lawn Furniture Delivery

Our Lawn Furniture Delivery is as Unique as Our Products

Innovation can be found everywhere at SwingScapes– and we didn’t stop with our original swing..  Weighing over 500 pounds, we wanted our customers to experience an easy, seamless transportation and delivery system when purchasing our glider which led us to design a patent-pending trailer.

This trailer allows us to quickly set the swing in ta constrained area and lower it directly where the trailer is resting.  We are able to easily deliver and place the swing right where you would like it to be located.

We do not charge a delivery fee of any glider swing to Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, as we are sincerely thankful for your business. We will deliver anywhere in the continental United States, however a small delivery fee may apply for some areas. Our other lawn furniture can be delivered using traditional transportation services.  Call today for delivery prices and options.

Swing Scapes Lawn Furniture Delivery

What our Lawn Furniture Delivery Looks Like!